Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Football Season: Denver Broncos Nail Design

Hey there,

So last night I had a little bit of time, oh I would say approximately 30 minutes, and I decided that I would change my nail color. What better way to get into the spirit of American Football than a gal with her nails done with colors from her favorite team! So, that's what I did. And my favorite team so happens to be the Denver Broncos who are on a winning streak so far this season (2-0) whoohooo!!!!

Lol but for those who have another football team as their fav, no worries this tutorial works well with any set of colors!

Chevron Nail Design: Denver Broncos

  •  First things first, take off any left over nail polish on your nails. Make sure to wash your hands also with soap and water to get off any left over oils. Also, make sure that your nail shape is the way you want it before you begin designing (or else things can get messy 0.0 and nobody wants that)!
  • Secondly, pick your colors. In this case I chose orange, blue, white, and black.
  • I usually only focus on one hand at a time. So since I am right handed I start my designs on the left hand and placed a clear coat of nail polish from SinfulColors. I have been using these acrylic paints from Walmart for my design versus just polish because it gives a nice matte look, although regular nail polish works just fine. 
  • Next up, start by making an orange chevron look. All you do is move your brush at an angle towards the center of your nail making a triangle and repeat this on the other side of the nail.

  • Use this same angle technique to create the blue color design over the orange. This may take a few coats depending on how solid your blue nail polish is. Don't get discouraged! Keep pushing forward. 

  • Okay you have this angle thing down now right? Well take a small brush and lightly create a thin line with the white color above the orange. If this turns out to be too difficult, do the angle technique with the white color first before the orange.
  • In this tutorial I also created some small dots to give it a little flair :) but totally unnecessary unless you are into it lol then dot away.
    • Side note: I lost my dotter tool, but I highly recommend using one.
  • Make sure to buy a real good top coat. This way your design can go on being noticed for at least 1week and a 1/2.

I hope you enjoyed this nail tutorial. Let me know if you want to see anything specific in the comments :)

<3 Crystal