Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Calm Meadow

A Calm Meadow on a Sunny Day
Created By: Crystal Lobato
Using Digital Fresh Paint for Windows
Sometimes we all need to take a step back. Away from our cell phones and computers and nifty gadgets in order to just breathe. Hectic mornings and stressful nights call for some type of relief. Exercise, yoga, some spa time. For me when I feel I need to get away from my life (for just a while), I take a road trip up to the Colorado Rocky Mountains (about an hour away) and just take in the fresh air and calmness nature provides. She is beautiful, full of color and life. No electricity needed to view her but only the moon to provide the light in the night. Her clear streams and rivers give you an instant feeling of relaxation and you are far enough away from the city life to forget about your crazy day and enjoy the fact that you are alive and well, with the opportunity to view the sight that is before you. Mother nature puts it all into perspective and clears your mind. Most times it even helps me figure out the missing pieces to my projects and life that caused the madness and stress in the first place. I find the solution in those beautiful, peaceful mountains.
We all need that peaceful place where you feel safe and can let your mind go. Turn off the world we so constantly connect to (without truly talking to someone) and just breath. Sometimes you need to take time to improve yourself before helping others and that's okay even if that means you take a shower by yourself for 15 minutes to escape the madness the kids are causing in the next room. Simple pleasures are worth your time, a little time to breathe can help you do some great things in the future.
Until next time, CL <3

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